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As I'm starting on this personal journal for the upcoming runway, I want to express the fear that has occurred as the idea came closer to realization. 

I'm not a writer, I'm not a protagonist, I'm not a price winning designer (yes you may press the x in the corner already).

I have always kept my thoughts and notes to myself, to document and navigate through the process of projects, and also of life. 

The reasoning behind making this a public thing, is that hopefully a few design- students or enthusiasts will take notice of this, and use it as an inspiration to create and share their own work. 

Furthermore, as FINE CHAOS is a new brand unknown to many, I hope this journey can put some light on the work we lay behind the concepts, collections and the dreams that we have of interrupting the current fashion industry. 

It is with joy and anxiousness, that I now want to take you through my thought streams from start to finish of the runway collection, which's theme at this very moment is unknown to both the reader and myself. 

As aforementioned, this is a first time, so please bear with me if anything is not living up to your expectations. You don't pay for this, just remember that. 

Thank you for joining this journey and let's get started.