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GROUPS - 26/09/21

It fascinates me how groups and communities reflect their persona through what they're wearing. 

It's morning, 8:48, as I'm walking to the studio based in inner city Copenhagen, Kronprinsessegade 6,1. It's starting to get cold, layers upon layers of fabric are applied to keep the warmth. Yet, on my way to work, I spot younger groups of people in exaggerated oversized clothing, which has many distressed cuts near the knee and upper body, neglecting the autumn weather to represent their choice of expression. Letters written on the clothing with what seems to be acrylic painting judging from it's sheen.

I start to wonder what the importance of our outfit has for the open forum and mostly for themselves. Their clothing made me intrigued about them as persons, their background and values. No such medium has this power as clothing (or maybe you can count in jewelry as well), and this is what makes the fabric on our body such a strong tool to communicate ideas and ideology. 

They represented an attitude of rebellion that is youthful and full of hope; a coolness and celebration of being some sort of outcast. I wanted to be a part of their group; which made me wonder.. 

Was I ever categorized as an 'outcast'? And what even is an outcast..