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INFLUENCE - 28/09/21

The clock is 11:41 AM; on my routinely walk for a cheap lunch. 

A group of girls in renowned all over printed flower dresses is standing and enjoying each others company, expressing a form of wellbeing of life. Multicolored tulips, hollyhocks in a purple and dark red nuance, and big bright yellow sunflowers. I love flowers, all though I never have been the best caretaker of them. But in this context, the flower and its spark is marking a gathering. As I'm walking past, I notice the same draped shapes on all of the dresses. Influence is the word on my mind, as eye contact is established with one of the girls, which is quickly interrupted by a greeting from a new joiner of the group.

Influence. A word also used in my previous notes the other day. What a powerful word.