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MOVEMENTS - 23/09/21

Movements movements movements

The word has been spinning on my mind as I try to gather a visual image of the thought. Movements is a word with multiple meanings, as it can be political (my first thought), a physical action, an event of taking objects from a to b, a natural action. For my use, I will stick to the political version of the word. 

The word came up as I was watching the 'Westwood: Punk, Icon, Activist', a documentary about Vivienne Westwood (if you didn't already know the legend's full name) life. The whole Sex Pistols movement, which caused a big stir in the British youth, was an example of a movement started by her. She later on joined the climate change movement, brave as she is a part of the problem herself. I wont touch more on the documentary as I think you should watch it yourself (as any other form of art), but it kept me stuck with the word 'Movements'. 

Is a movement caused by one person or a group of people? Are groups/communities a product of movements or is it the other way around? How are these movements looking today and where are they taking place?