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MY TRACE OF TIME - 20/12/21

The wood's veins, the calender in the kitchen, the used paper in the bin, the unremoveable stains on the floor, the unpaid bills (don't worry, I will pay them asap), my student ID, my unravelling cross-stitch (for the fourth time), my family, my loss of interests, Shelly, friend's life, my tattoos, plants, the glass of water sitting next to me as I write this and the music playing in the background (Pinocchio Story), the sketches, the to-do's on the whiteboard, my bank account, the samples hanging on the hangers, this studio, this blog, the growth of FINE CHAOS, the team of FINE CHAOS, the chase, the hunger, the uneaten chocolate cookie on the table, the holidays, the birthdays of loved ones, my loved ones. Culture, community, movements. Rewind, rewind, rewind.