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Fibers and Materials: 


Fiber is the first elementary raw material of textile manufacturing. It is either natural or manmade fibers. 

Natural fibers

Natural fibers are those fibers that are constructed from natural polymers. Polymers are very large molecules. Natural fibers are usually coming from plant, animal, or mineral sources. 

Plant fibers:
  • Linen
  • Organic Cotton – Jersey – Denim 

Animal fibers:
  • Wool 

Synthetic fibers

Synthetic fibers are artificial fibers; they are made from synthetic polymers, which come from oil, coal, and other petrol-based chemicals. The substances are made into fibers in a chemist's laboratory before being converted to fabric. 

  • Polyester – Mesh, Polly Satin, Chiffon 


When sourcing materials and textiles for our collections, it is important to us at

FINE CHAOS that we don’t compromise on our brand DNA and all materials are carefully

handpicked by our suppliers. At FINE CHAOS we want to make sure the products are not only living up to our high-quality standards and customer expectations but also supporting transparency and information regarding the production process and materials. It is essential for a fashion brand today to care about more than just trends and clothes but the responsibility behind it as well. At FINE CHAOS we want to help our customers care for their clothes to keep for as long as possible. We hope for our customers to gain knowledge of the products they buy, hopefully contributing to creating more conscious shopping choices and habits. 

See the FINE CHAOS list of preferred materials included in our collections here.

Synthetic Textiles: 


Polyester is a synthetic fiber and is derived from a chemical reaction involving petroleum, air, and water. This artificial fiber is comprised of purified terephthalic acid (PTA) and monotheluene glycol (MEG). Polyester is thermoplastic, meaning it can be melted and reformed. Polyester fiber is the most versatile and strongest of all manmade fibers, meaning it is found in the widest range of use. 

Polyester possesses many good qualities. It is highly resilient, wrinkle-resistant, and has a high light resistance. Polyester garments dry quickly and the material is very durable. It is a fabric that is easy to maintain and keeps its original shape.  All FINE CHAOS polyester garments are mainly made in 100% polyester making it possible to recycle the fabric into new fibers. 

Our polyester products include the following qualities: polyester satin, mesh, and chiffon. When buying FINE CHAOS polyester products, always check and follow the care label inside your garment for individual wash instructions. 

Polyester Satin

Satin is a characterized weave method made in polyester, silk, or nylon as a smooth woven fabric. It is very soft with a lustrous surface and supple drape. All FINE CHAOS satin garments are made in polyester, and it is recommended to follow the individual wash instructions carefully.   


FINE CHAOS chiffon garments are very delicate. The woven fabric is soft and sheer with texture. When washing, use a garment bag or wash by hand. 


Mesh fabric is a loose-knit material, whereas the yarns are knitted together in a grid pattern to form holes, which gives the fabric its distinctive appearance of netting. Mesh differs in thickness and weight. FINE CHAOS garments are made in fine mesh fabric. 

Natural Textiles: 


Wool is a natural animal fiber. Wool usually refers to thread from sheep, although wool can also come from angora and cashmere goats, camel, alpaca, llama, and more. At FINE CHAOS all wool garments come from sheep. 

As an animal fiber, wool is composed mainly of protein. Wool fiber is a natural insulator and is used to make warm clothes. Wool is very durable, wrinkle-free, and flexible. 

A great thing about wool fabric is that it is self-cleaning, and quite resistant to water and stains, meaning washing one’s wool garments are kept at a minimum.  Airing your wool garment is usually enough to keep it clean and fresh. The ideal weather for airing is cold and damp.

Organic Cotton

Cotton is a natural fiber-grown fabric and for cotton products FINE CHAOS use 100 % Organic Cotton, which in general is grown as a part of a production system that sustains the health of soils, ecosystem, and people. Organic Cotton is grown without the use of chemicals, pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, or GMO crops. Cotton production requires lots of water, but as the soil in Organic Cotton is not depleted as in conventional cultivation, it should also bind moisture better, requiring less water than conventional cotton. In general, cotton fabric is very soft and comfortable. It has a very high absorbency and is a durable, breathable material. When used as a mono-fiber, as it is in all FINE CHAOS garments, the fabric is recyclable. 

Our Organic Cotton products include the following qualities: Denim and Jersey. When buying FINE CHAOS Organic Cotton quality products, check and follow the care label inside your garment for individual wash instructions. 


Denim is a very strong and durable woven cotton twill fabric. Denim is perfect for all seasons and does not need much care. We recommend washing denim as little as possible, to keep your denim garment in the right shape and color. Airing is a good way to make the denim garment feel fresh again. When washing denim, remember to wash inside-out with similar colors.  

Denim has a long lifetime and can be recycled and used into new fibers instead of going to waste and ending up in a landfill. All FINE CHAOS denim products are made of heavy denim quality. 

Cotton Jersey

Jersey is a soft stretchy knitted material that has a pleasant feel and is easy to care for. It is a flexible material, used in many FINE CHAOS products. All FINE CHAOS jersey products are made in a heavy jersey quality.



Linen is a natural fiber material, coming from the flax plant. Flaxseeds need a little amount of water and pesticides and grow well in most types of soil, regardless of quality. Linen is strong and moisture-resistant. It is very breathable and it has a cooling effect during warm temperatures, making it beneficial to wear in humid climates. In general linen’s breathability helps the body regulate its temperature. As linen comes from a natural fiber, linen is hypoallergenic meaning it is friendly on one’s skin. When washing linen garments, avoid high heat and drying to prevent shrinkage. 

All FINE CHAOS linen products are made of heavy linen quality. 



Wash & Care:

Responsibility - longevity – maintenance 

We want to encourage our customers to take care of their garments by improving the longevity of all FINE CHAOS products. We believe that as a consumer we need to appreciate and respect the garment's value for as long as possible. Here are some tips on how to thoughtfully treat your garments, contributing to making a difference. 

  • To minimize the environmental impact, we recommend avoiding excessive wash of clothes. For regaining a fresh feel, air the garment and skip a wash. 

  • Wash delicate garments by hand or use a low temperature, remember a washing bag. 

  • Use eco-friendly and natural laundry detergents without perfume and bleach. Look for certificates when buying detergent. Use the recommended dose of detergent – using a higher dosage, does not mean cleaner clothes! 

  • Do a gentle machine wash with similar colors.

  • Avoid using a dryer for energy saving and retaining the shape of the garments. 

  • Always remember to read and follow the care label inside the garment on how to treat it with proper care. 

  • For wool and denim garments, consider putting them in a bag in the freezer for a day – it removes odors and bacteria and maintains the garments in the right shape. 

  • For maintaining the shape of the garment, avoid creasing after washing. 


Size guide: 

The size chart is a guide made to help you find the right size. Please note all FINE CHAOS products are unisex sizing. As many pieces are designed in a unique way, we suggest you also refer to the specific garment lengths and measurements provided in the product descriptions. 

It may be helpful to compare the product measurements to a similar garment you already own. To do this, place the garment on a flat surface and take all measurements from the outside.

Questions about sizing?                                                                                                     

Contact us before your order so we can help you save time on returns, and you can help us lower our environmental impact. 

Repair Service: 

Today the fashion industry is based on a take-make-dispose model and is very polluting to our planet. We want to motivate and empower our customers to make their FINE CHAOS garments last longer. By repairing one’s garment when needed, it will prolong its life. We believe in repairing should always be encouraged. It contributes to gaining more consciousness about the consumer's consumption habits, changing one’s mindset. By repairing one’s garment, it reduces the need to buy new, minimizing consumption. 

Repair service at FINE CHAOS will be introduced in primo February 2023.